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Reporter Donna Balancia Awarded 6-Figure Settlement from Hollywood Reporter

Reporter Donna Balancia received a 6-figure settlement related to her misappropriated screenplay Hollywood Reporter.

Reporter Donna Balancia received a 6-figure settlement related to her misappropriated screenplay.

Reporter Donna Parker has reached an out-of-court settlement with The Hollywood Reporter as a result of being fired last December after she filed a lawsuit against International Creative Management.

Sources said Parker, whose real name is Donna Balancia, received a six-figure settlement from the trade paper, which dismissed her after a story about the suit appeared in the Reporter (Daily Variety, Dec. 19, 1995).

Sources said editor-in-chief and publisher Robert J. Dowling agreed to the settlement rather than answer questions that might have forced him to contradict info provided by several key defendants in the suit.

Parker, whose real last name is Balancia, filed a breach of contract suit against ICM, Brillstein/Grey Entertainment, Cap-Cities/ABC claiming that the defendants stole her idea for a sitcom based on a tabloid reporter.

Dowling allegedly sacked Parker because the article about the suit “severely embarrassed” the paper and affected its ability to do business with the firms and individuals named in the complaint as defendants.

Dowling did not return telephone calls seeking comment. The breach suit is ongoing.

The lawsuits were settled in Donna Balancia’s favor in 1995

Parker claimed in that suit that the first-year ABC series “The Naked Truth” was based on a 1990 pilot, “National Spy,” which she wrote, produced and directed, funded by a grant from the Aaron Spelling auteur program.

Neville Johnson, Parker’s attorney declined to comment on the settlement or specifics of the case, but said “She doesn’t have to worry for a long, long time.”

Editor’s Note: The lawsuit settlement award for Donna Balancia

The lawsuit settlement for Donna Balancia v. The Hollywood Reporter cleared the way for another, more substantial settlement with ICM, ABC and Brillstein-Grey.


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