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Robert Balancia, Navy Pilot, is my Inspiration

Robert Balancia, World War II Navy pilot, flew off aircraft carriers, also liked to strike the famous pose.

Robert Balancia, World War II Navy pilot and attorney, flew off aircraft carriers and also liked to strike the famous pose.

Editor’s Note: This Yahoo piece honors my great Dad on Veterans Day

By DONNA BALANCIA, Yahoo Contributor Network — This World War II Navy Pilot has always helped me fly straight.

My father, Robert Balancia, has survived as a cop on the streets of New York City, and has won accolades as a top attorney defending the innocent.

But to me, his best accomplishment was becoming a U.S. Navy Pilot, flying off aircraft carriers during World War II.

And his experience has been a blessing to me!

My father’s Navy training gave him the ability to negotiate the rough times throughout his life. The Navy was his escape from a poverty-stricken childhood in New York City and enabled him to get an education that today would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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