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Bidding War Over ‘Seinfeld’ Online Streaming

The "Seinfeld" crew gets a new life online - photo courtesy TBS for post by Donna Balancia

The “Seinfeld” crew gets a new life online – photo courtesy TBS

By DONNA BALANCIA — Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo are leading contenders in the fight to win “Seinfeld” online streaming rights.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the rights to stream reruns of the 1990s sitcom that originally ran on NBC could fetch more than $90 million for Sony Pictures Television.

Netflix has bowed out of the negotiations for reasons that insiders say include the limited four-year agreement. Netflix has been a leader in acquiring rights to hit shows, including “Friends,” which it acquired last year from Warner Bros.  The on-demand leader paid $500,000 an episode for “Friends,” according to WSJ.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, creators of “Seinfeld,” get a share of the deal as they are profit participants.

Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo have been aggressively working at acquisition deals. Recently, Hulu acquired “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”  Amazon owns the rights to “Girls” and “The Sopranos.”




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