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Truth of ‘Islamic Extremist’ Rhetoric: Financial and Liability of Feds vs. State of California

As memorials grow in San Bernardino, so do costs in massacre - Photo courtesy of The Desert Sun

As memorials grow in San Bernardino, so do costs in massacre – Photo courtesy of The Desert Sun

What are the financial and liability repercussions related to the San Bernardino attack?

Syed Rizwan Farook was a San Bernardino County worker, who last week with his Saudi wife, killed 14 people and injured 17 -many of whom are county workers – on county property.

The emotional toll of the attack is enormous, but the legal and financial issues are problematic.

Sources tell California News Online the rhetoric related to the terms “Islamic Extremist” has nothing to do with how to refer to a religious or political group.  It has to do with the money and the jurisdictions in this horrifying incident that occurred on San Bernardino County property.

“Nobody on the federal level wants to use the words  ‘Islamic Extremist’ unless they are convinced of terrorism because then the feds are financially and legally liable for damages caused,” said the source. “Once the San Bernardino shootings were no longer solely considered ‘workplace violence’ by a county worker, it goes to the feds and the feds have to pay the damages.”

It took at least two days before the FBI labeled Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik terrorists.

“Until then, it was a county matter and a state matter,” said the source. “This guy was a San Bernardino County Department of Health worker.  He is entitled to benefits.  His family and next of kin get benefits from his death. He was on the clock because the Christmas party was held on county property during the work day.

“Farook was not a suicide, he was shot by police. The other dead and injured workers he shot are entitled to benefits. Who is going to pay?

“If it is ‘Islamic Extremists’ it is a federal matter.  If it is ‘workplace violence’ it is a state and county matter.  There is an awful lot to sort out right now.” – Donna Balancia





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