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Summer Camp Turned into Ice House in Upstate New York

High waves and forceful winds turned a lakefront house into a block of ice on the shores of Lake Ontario in Ramona Beach, N.Y. reported this story about a lakeside home that was covered in thick ice from wind blowing giant waves onto the summer camp.

“We’re very nervous about our poor camp because we have no idea the damage it’s going to cause, both structural damage and water damage,” said Whelan. “Whether it’s a slow thaw or a quick thaw, it’s all going to flow toward the house.”

Maureen Whelan’s family has used the house as a summer camp for the past 85 years, she told She shares it with her brother and sister in Ramona Beach, N.Y. about 40 miles north of Syracuse.

Check out the story here.


This entry was posted on March 3, 2019 by in Producer Donna Balancia.

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